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2010.08.19 Xenocide development suspended
Dear Project Xenocide Community,

it is with utter regret and disappointment that we have to announce the discontinued development for Xenocide. In the last years it became clear to us, that we do not have enough manpower to proceed with the speed necessary to attract skilled people and finish the project in a foreseeable timeframe. We have opened our “Workshops” for everyone to see, and maybe some day someone will have the courage to continue the development. There still is a small group of Xenocide developers online and we will continue to browse the forums and response to your messages. So should you have any ideas to bring Xenocide back to life, or if you want to use some of our material, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on this website, or drop Mad a PM.

Thank you all for your continued support and all your friendly messages over the time! Last but by far not least a big thanks to all the members of the Project Xenocide development team who have donated large amounts of their spare time and a lot of passion.

Farewell, thank you for the wonderful time,

The Project Xenocide Seniors
2009.11.01 Call for textures!
Project Xenocide needs your help! If you are interested in artwork, please consider helping us texturing our models! You don't have to become a full team member. If you don't think you've got the time to contribute on a regular basis, just have a look at our forum.
Of course we also always appreciate any models you think would fit the game.

As usual we are also looking for programmers and sound artists to support our team (either on regular basis or as a independent contributor)
2009.10.12 Development open to everyone
If you would like to contribute to the development of Xenocide, but you don't have the time to commit yourself deeply, we now have an option for you! Please have a look at this thread where you now can submit any work, be it code, artwork, sound or text, you wish to commit to the Project
2009.10.12 Installer updated
The Xenocide installer should now be ready for everyone to use on any WindowsNT (2000, XP, Vista, 7) based OS without any problems - please let us know if there should still be any.
2008.06.06 New installer [update]
Thanks to kafros we are able to bring you the second beta of our installer. All reported problems should be taken care of, and, due to a new subsystem, prerequisite detection and download should work flawless now. Please give it a try and report any problems you encounter!

Update: 18.06.2008 - we have just released the RC1 of the installer, please give it a try - it is important it is tested on as many systems as possible!

2nd Update: 26.06.2008 - release of RC2 - some small problems with the XNA download routine and the GUI have been addressed

11.09.2008 release of RC3 - improved DirectX check routine implemented. This should eliminate the infamous "Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E" for everyone using the installer. Please let us know if you should encounter any problems!
2008.04.04 New Progress Release
The new stage 0.4 public Progress Release is here! For the first time, this includes a rudimental Battleview, so you will be able to actually play the game for a long time - kill aliens, loot their ships, research new technologies!
2007.10.24 New Progress Release
Today a new public Progress Release has been made available! This PR bearing the Minor Number 02 features employee management, Research, Manufacturing, item transfer, illuminated night map and all the differnt kinds of UFO missions! Additionally many 3D models have been added. For your convenience a seperate Audio Pack has been created that you'll only need to download once, but will give you a great sound experience for the next few Progress Releases at least. Check it out!
2007.09.28 Gamefeature Video online
For all of you who are not able to install the game at the moment, the Project Xenocide team has produced a video* showing all the gameplay features! Enjoy!

*requires the Xvid codec installed
2007.08.23 New Progress Release
The Project Xenocide Team is proud to present a new Progress release to you! Based on our new C# Source Code this might not have as much eye candy as the old PR, but offers increased functionality.
Please check the Download area for the link!
2007.04.22 Forums hacked - Update
The forums of - hosting Project Xenocide - have again been the target of a misguided person. As of now everything should be back to normal. Thanks to Micah who invested his weekend to bring everything online as fast as possible! Should you experience any problems with the new board software, please feel free to contact us! Have fun!

Best regards

The Project Xenocide Team
2007.03.25 New PRG Senior
Due to vast real life allegiances Guyver6 cannot continue as Senior of the Programming department. We are proud to announce that dteviot has accepted our offer to be his successor. Dteviot has proven to be a resourceful and communicative member and has committed a lot of time and high quality effort to the project. He will be a very valuable addition to the Senior team - join us in our congratulations.
2006.11.30 Models ready for OGRE
Vaasih has completed some awesome models for their use with OGRE! Do you want to know more...?
2006.08.10 Laser Rifle complete!
Shinzon completed working on the Laser Rifle model and posted the final renders! Enjoy the rifle in day and night conditions.Just awesome!